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quote startI always wanted to become a painter but I most definitely bore the evil sickness of being an artist within me.quote end

Collages appear among Alexis Akrithakis' artistic practices for the first time in the mid '60s. During the seventies he used worn out wood and other materials in order to produce suitcases of various sizes and designs often organising them in compositions. After the period of the suitcase constructions, he adds electric circuits, mirror pieces, plastic flowers and other materials or objects in order to create complicated and expressive, mostly wall mounted constructions. His paper constructions date back to the end of '60s to the beginning of '70s and include a series of model and puppet theatres, the carousel for the children of Vietnam and others. Collage is one of his common practices throughout his career and it's most characteristic manifestations of it are the Marlboro Collages series and the Cirk Collages both presented in exhibitions under the same titles.